Posting or Commenting on Shows - PLEASE READ FIRST

Post a link to your shows created with Photopia Creator and get feedback from others. Please include a short description or title for each show link along with the approximate running time. If you don't want to chance getting criticism, please don't post your show.
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Posting or Commenting on Shows - PLEASE READ FIRST

#1 Post by MG - Admin » Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:54 pm

Please follow the guidelines below when doing the following:

Posting a show for others to view:

1) The thread title must include the name of the show

2) You must provide a description of the show and why you are posting it for others to view. Reasons could include looking for technical critique or help, as well as simply just for sharing with others.

3) Be honest in how the content of your show may be perceived by others. You must include one of the following statements in the show description:

This show does not contain material that might be considered objectionable.


This show contains material that others might find objectionable.

4) As a courtesy, please note the duration of the show so viewers can decide if they have enough time to watch. If you know the size of the show file please list that as well.

If any of the above is not included it may result in the thread being deleted without warning.

Commenting on a show:

1) Comments should be respectful to the creator of the show and to any other members that have provided comments.

2) If you have any objections to the content of the show you must only respond to the creator in private.

Comments that contain harassing or foul language, as well as personal insults will be deleted without warning.

In addition to having threads or posts deleted due to poor behavior, posting privileges may be suspended or removed permanently as I see fit.

Thank you for everyone's cooperation.